Electric forklifts

Technologically advanced and emission-free. High performance guarantee power and efficiency.

Thermic forklifts

Heavy duty workhorses, ideal for operating in harsh environments. They allow the operator to perform driving and lifting maneuvers quickly and accurately.

Special forklifts

Different variations and customizations are available in each product range. We find the specific solution for each request.


Mora S.p.A was founded in 1972 and has been producing electric forklifts, thermic and customized solutions for over forty years. Specialization, continuous research and technological innovation have led the company to reach an important customer base and supplier of important global industrial groups. Mora forklifts allow high production yields, rapid and precise driving maneuvers while keeping a careful look on safety and ergonomics. Mora’s services also include technical training for service personnel, remote support services and the sale of spare parts.

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Mora forklift customers can count on a series of ancillary services. Quick and effective customer support, ready to solve any kind of technical problem. The rapid spare parts service allows to reduce production pauses; certified spare parts guarantee high performance to forklifts without any loss of performance. In addition, assembly and testing, steps of primary importance. High-performance and safe forklifts.

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For additional information and advice

Mora S.p.A offers customized solutions adaptable to different needs. Contact us to request a quote or a consultation.


Mora S.p.A. was founded in 1972 with the series production of hydrostatic forklifts with diesel engine, in 1976 it built the first series of electric machines with capacity up to 3.5 tons and in its forty years of experience it arrived at the current structured production that places Mora S.p.A. among the suppliers of some of the major global industrial groups, providing innovative solutions for the optimization of the handling.