Mora services
support, maintenance and spare parts sale

In addition to the construction of forklifts, Mora guarantees a reliable support, technical training and the sale of original spare parts.
These services provide customers with technological and professional support, prompt troubleshooting and reduce production pauses.

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Spare parts for forklifts

The Mora spare parts service makes forklifts ready for use with no performance loss. We guarantee speed and timeliness.

Support for forklift trucks

Fast and reliable support: solve the problem in order to get back to work without any production pause.

Specialized technical training

Specialized technical training for technical assistants. Consolidate staff knowledge.

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Our figures

Founded in 1972, two production units, 7,300 square meters of buildings, a highly qualified staff, Mora S.p.A has a profound knowledge of the market and the sector.

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